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The Tomorrow People will air its nineteenth episode, Modus Vivendi, on April 14th with still no news of renewal. Fans of the sci-fi show have begun moving and have started a campaign called Save The Tomorrow People to get the show renewed and prevent it from being cancelled.

I think the idea of The Tomorrow People not being picked up for a 2nd Season is an outrage, and here’s why:

  • THE SHOW GETS MORE AND MORE EXCITING EACH WEEK. The show raised the expectations and quality standards in the latest episodes adding new dimensions to its characters and giving us lots of plot twists and big revelations. Ultra started tracking Astrid, we found out more about the Founder, and we know now about Marla’s powers. After maybe spending too much time introducing characters and showing us the limits of what the tomorrow people can and cannot do, the show is finally adding that extra action, excitement and intrigue that was missing form the first episodes and that leaves the viewer wanting more.

  • IT'S SCI-FI! The CW has many shows that revolve around the genre of mystery, fantasy and horror (Supernatural, The Originals, Arrow…) but it doesn’t have a lot of sci-fi (Star-Crossed being the new “exception”). This could be the CW’s opportunity to create a solid sci-fi show. Sure, the idea of humans having powers has been done so many times it can’t even be considered an “original” plot but hey, it’s still cool. Besides, the idea of the tomorrow people being the next step in human evolution and having the power of the 3 Ts PLUS not being able to kill? I’d say that’s pretty awesome. Bottom line, you can never have too much sci-fi on TV!

  • JEDIKIAH'S CHARACTER IS REALLY INTERESTING. Mark Pellegrino is a fan favourite in every show he stars in (remember his portrayal of Lucifer on Supernatural?). Jedikiah was presented to us as one of the leaders at Ultra. The tomorrow people’s worst enemy. Someone to fear and to defeat. However, we learnt that he’s not the biggest threat at Ultra at all when we met the Founder. At least we seemed to think that for the most part of 1x17. And, even though we question his manners and his idea of neutralizing all the tomorrow people, there are glimpses here and there that Jedikiah might not be all that evil. Perhaps he got attached to John, or perhaps he feels like he can’t really hurt Stephen because he’s, after all, his nephew. We're just beginning to know his relationship with the Founder and Roger.
  • THERE ARE STILL LOTS OF MYSTERIES AND QUESTIONS UNSOLVED. Where did the tomorrow people come from? Where did Ultra come from? What happened between Jedikiah and Roger? Are there more tomorrow people outside the US and, if so, what are they doing? What else happened to John at Ultra? Does Luca have powers? Etc, etc, etc. There are still lots of questions that need to be answered. Some bigger than others. Far from giving us the answers, the show keeps us bringing up new characters and subplots and raising new questions. They’ll need time to figure all this out.

  • THE STORY BEHIND STEPHEN’S FAMILY DEMANDS AT LEAST 2 SEASONS. In the Pilot, John and Cara told Stephen that he was “the chosen one” because of who his father was. We also saw that Stephen had a unique power: stopping time. We don’t know much about Stephen’s dad, Roger. We know that he abandoned his family for reasons unknown. We know that Stephen hated him for a long time and that Marla usually addresses his father’s leaving to justify Stephen’s odd behaviour. Contacting Roger is the only hope for the tomorrow people to finally get to a safe place where they can live in peace.

    This plot can’t possibly be resolved (in a good way) in just one season. Especially since we’re already in episode 19 and they're obviously rushing things just in case. This plot demands at least 2 seasons for it to be resolved with the right amount of time and care.

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