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Some of you, like me were probably scouring every inch of Cap's new movie. Scouring for what? Clues and little nods towards current and future Marvel characters of course. Well like all of Marvels movies there are an abundance of tasty little nuggets to raise even more questions for us devoted fans. Here is a list of the ones that I noticed. If you haven't seen the movie stop reading now. It's way more fun to notice some of these on your own. Plus there are potential spoilers.

Here is an easy one for all you comic book fans out there. Brock Rumlow aka Crossbones. Seeing as Marvel went out of their way to show him surviving towards the end of the movie its a safe bet that we will be seeing him again. And since he looks really messed up I'm guessing we will see something closer to the comic book version of Crossbones.

Next up, The Winter Soldier looking very heroic with Cap's shield. In the comics Bucky takes over as Captain America when Steve Rogers dies. News of Chris Evans wanting to take a break from acting and only having 2 more movies left in his contract leads me to believe that we will be seeing Steve Rogers taking a bullet. The characters are all there for it to kinda happen that way it does in the comics. We wont see a full Civil War arc. If you are a Marvel comics fan you can see bits of several story arcs being used in the MCU though. My money is on Crossbones and brainwashed Sharon Carter taking out Mr. Rogers (I just got an image of Cap in a cardigan)

This one covers 2 golden nuggets. At one point, after Black Widow kicks Sitwell off a building, Sitwell starts talking about "The algorithm" , Which can look at patterns and pretty much predict the future. It sounds a lot like the Clairvoyant from Agent of Shield....hmmm. I was kinda hoping for The Leader myself but i'm ok with this. Anyway HYDRA is using this program to figure out who could become a threat to them. Sitwell mentions Bruce Banner and Steven Strange... Its already been widely rumored that the Doctor will be making his theatrical debut soon, this confirms it for me.

During a scene where the Helicarriers of doom are about to target and kill millions of potential HYDRA threats we see the targeting screen and a familiar tower. That's right The Stark Tower. Looks like it still just has the "A" on the outside.... coincidence? I think not. Looks like we are getting a peak at the Avengers Base for Age of Ultron to me.

This one doesn't apply to us comic nerds. If you have ever seen the cult classic Pulp Fiction then you will get the reference. “The path of the righteous man.” sound familiar? it's because it is the famous line uttered by Jules Winnfield (Samual L. Jackson) in Pulp Fiction. Fury fakes his death and decides to pay a visit to his fake grave. On the grave is the quote from Pulp Fiction. Its not a WOW moment but i thought it was a clever nod to a great movie Sam stared in.

So the movies over, quick rush out the theater...or wait and see whats next. True to Marvel form there are two cut scenes at the end of CA2. The first shows Baron Wolfgang von Strucker taking to other HYDRA peeps. You catch a shot of Loki's staff...I wonder how that will play into the next Avengers movie. Next he talks about the twins. If you've been living under a rock for the last few months then you might not know who he is talking about. Thankfully they show the twins. You see Quicksilver flashing around at inhuman speeds in his cell. Next to him is his sister The Scarlet Witch. Shes playing with blocks, how cute oh wait...its with her mind...they're floating and then they go boom, not so cute i guess. They both seem pretty messed up mentally. From what I've read online (which is always the truth) is that the twins start out fighting the Avengers and then realize the error of their ways and most likely help them defeat Strucker or Ultron or both.

The Last post-credit leads me back to my Bucky takes over for Cap theory. We see Bucky at the Air and Space museum checking out the Captain America exhibit and reading all about himself. This will lead him to remember more of his past and rekindle his relationship with Mr Rogers (damn...cardigan again)

So what do you all think? Did you notice any Easter Eggs that I didn't? There is a point in the movie were HYDRA is targeting potential threats. I couldn't read all the targets. I saw the President and Stark Tower but there are a few others that they show for a fraction of a second. Im curious if anyone knows if maybe there are other Marvel characters that they show in that scene.

Thanks All


What comic book plots do you think Marvel is pulling from?


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