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As you know (and if you don't know I'll be explaining) our beloved Venom symbiote has a very vast history in the Marvel comics. Some good some...not so good but still Venom none the less. Venom started out as just your every day symbiote, but he started to think differently than the other symbiotes on his home planet. The other symbiotes used there hosts fead of there emotions, they would force there hosts to attempt insane obsticals thus feeding of the Adrenalin rush. They would do this until the host died in the attempt or from exhaustion. Our friend Venom on the other hand wanted to form a bond with his host, to coexist with it. Not just suck it dry. The other symbiotes deemed him insane and locked him in a conament device to be studied before the executed him. Fate have it though the Beyonder, a inter galactic god of sorts wanted to see who would win in a battle of good vs evil. The Beyonder created battle world; a planet put together by chunks of other planets, one of those chunks just happened to have Venom's containment chamber on it. Spider-man, after having his suit ravaged in a battle was pointed towards this room that had a machine that repaired suits. It also had Venom's containment chamber, nobody said exactly what the machine looked like so with spider-man's luck he unknowingly released Venom.

Spidy brought the Symbiote back to earth thinking it was just a awesome costume and nothing more. He started to act differently after a while. He didn't notice until it got real bad. He started waking up feeling exhausted. He didn't know it yet but Venom was taking Spidy body out for little joy rides a night. He gave a sample of the suit to Mr. Fantastic (reed Richards). Mr.Fantastic uncovered the true identdy of the suit and informed Peter of it. Disgusted and freaked by the fact of having a living suit, Peter sought to remove it. Fantastic reveals the suit is weak to Fire and sonic sounds. With the aid of human torch Fantastic manages to remove the suit from peter and place it in a containment module.

Sorry the picture isn't to good...
Sorry the picture isn't to good...

Somehow Venom managed to escape and get back to Peter. Peter alarmed to have the suit again slammed himself into a church bell in his lone attempt to remove the suit. At the same time Eddie Brock, a photographer for the daily bugle was going to take his own life, Peter as Spider-man showed the Eddie was interviewing a false Sin-eater( a serial killer who was running rampant threw New-York at the time). Eddie was fired and dumped by his girlfriend. He had lost everything.

Venom was removed by the sound of the bell from Spider-man. Very weak and confused Venom bonded to the nearest thing, Eddie Brock. Eddie Brock shared the same hatred that Venom shared.

Together Venom and Eddie Brock attacked Spider-man many times. Joining a couple different Villain teams all before becoming a anti-hero. Venom tried many times to change his ways, but seemed to fail every time. Finally Eddie Brock found out he had cancer, he re-thought his life, he thought about all the evil he had done. From attacking peter and his family to letting Carnage come into existence. He decided to sell Venom to the highest bidder and donate all the money to charity.

Eddie Brock with cancer
Eddie Brock with cancer

Mac Gargan then dawned Venom, but this time it was different. Venom was in more control than Mac. Venom drove Mac to cannibalism and when Venom rested Mac was very fearful of it awakening. He expressed nausea and soon the government gave him electrical implants to keep Venom in check. These did little as Venom soon gained full control on Mac.

The United States Government soon....confiscated Venom from Mac in order to put Project V.E.N.O.M in to action. Project V.E.N.O.M was a plan to use Venom to create a supper solider of sorts. The implanted a kill switch into the host solders and limited the two to be together for up to 48 hours. Any longer and the bond would become complete. After several other unnamed hosts, Eugene flash Thompson dawned Venom. Dubbed agent Venom. Flash currently still has the symbiote. He has also been in several hero teams including, The secrete Avengers, The Thunderbolts and now the defenders of the galaxy.

Guardians of the Galaxy
Guardians of the Galaxy

I personally think they should go of the Agent Venom story line. Its almost perfect of movies. Sure they'll have to do some molding here and there but with the right actors and director it could a AWESOME movie. What do you think?


What Story of Venom would you like to see on the silver screen?


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