ByCătălin Pârvu, writer at
Cătălin Pârvu

As we all know "The Walking Dead" series is in my opinion the most captivating series ever made, better than "Game of Thrones". This show has it all, drama, action, love but it has some "not so good scenes".

The first episode of season one,at the very start of the episode,it reminded me of 20 weeks later,you know the horror movie with zombies and so on.The scene when "Rick" comes out of the hospital,completely messed up,unaware of what happened when he was out cold.

Some other scenes i do not enjoy,are those scenes when they have to smash the walker's head.The walker's head seems like it's made out of grapes....not realistic at all.They should have chosen other textures,materials,harder,more realistic.

But it is still a movie which i would not let kids watch,it's brutal even for adults.Murder scenes are almost in every episode,None the less,it's a good show,best i have ever seen,it captivates you from the first second.It is not predictable at all.In some movies you can tell what will happen in the next scene,how a guy get's killed and so it's not the case.I don't want to spoil your fun.But it's better if you are prepared for what you are about to see.


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