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A funny thing happens when you watch a movie trailer about a 50-year-old mutated monster wreaking havoc on the Pacific Rim one year after the movie Pacific Rim comes out.

Let's watch the Godzilla Extended Look Trailer! And then discuss...

Our story begins with the worst words you could possibly utter in a nuclear facility during a movie that has Bryan Cranston as the main character.

A group of nuclear facility workers enter a death trap (apparently to fix a broken fog machine), just in time for Bryan Cranston to read charts and realize that radiation is spreading in said death trap. It's revealed that (oh no!) Cranston's wife is in there. He rushes to save her---

Bryan Can'tston now has to explain to his son, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, that his wife was consumed by the fog from Hunger Games: Catching Fire, while Taylor-Johnson has to explain how in the world he was cast with Elizabeth Olsen as brother and sister for both this movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron and my Game of Thrones fan fiction.

We then get a convoluted mix of narration with Can'tston, who variates from explaining (to someone) that the nuclear accident was not a natural disaster hiding awesome dirt biking trails.

The trailer cuts to Hawaii, where a little girl named Zoey is about to get House of Cards-ed by a tsunami.

The coastal town begins to flood, and we see people on the buildings notice a few bros shooting flares into the sky.

The next collection of shots from the trailer highlights everyone's reaction to all of the mayhem throughout the film. In other words, we see a lot of this:

Oh hey, it's Elizabeth Olsen! And she's wearing scrubs!

We next see a bunch of paratroopers (I think) getting ready to jump out of an airplane and toward the Kaiju--er Godzilla. Worst job.

Through the mask of one of the soldiers, we see the best shot yet (for this trailer) of the jerk who killed Bryan Can'tston's wife.

And that's coming from Reptar himself. We then see some shots of the various places he'll be devastating. Oh, the cities you'll blow (up)!

Then something interesting finally happens. We see something that (maybe) isn't Godzilla.

I don't know if I'm looking at this wrong, but that sure doesn't appear to be Godzilla. Of course, I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if monsters other than the titular character showed up as competition--which is a monster movie tradition that Godzilla practically mastered.

Oh yes, Inception favorite Saito (Ken Watanabe) will be playing the token Asian guy. He showed up earlier in the trailer if you recall, but how could I not display his "we're basically screwed" reaction?

Godzilla tsunami's into theaters May 16.


Who was that Alien-looking creature in the trailer?


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