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We here at the Nerd Novice podcast have a life theory that we believe is applicable to everyone and anyone, no matter their gender or sexual preference:

At some point in your life, you should definitely have a French girlfriend and an Immortal boyfriend.

Are these relationships supposed to coincide simultaneously? Well, friend, that's up to you. But really, we believe these relationships will ultimately bring you a life of happiness and hope. And that's all we want for you. And ourselves. Mainly ourselves.

In case you haven't noticed, we are referring to Highlander. We've been covering it on our podcast for the past three episodes, beginning with the original movie and continuing through the television series. We will be covering the Highlander series for four more episodes, through all six seasons of the show. So far we've discussed Jim's Immortal Sexy Times theory, how Highlander is great because they don't expand their supernatural elements to include weird mystical creatures and unbelievable magical components, the fact that Highlander is mostly a "Monster of the Day" show (that opinion was busted during our Season 2 talk), and how Kansas's "Dust in the Wind" pretty much makes Megan weep permanently now because of its connection to that thing that happened to Tessa...

Oh, and how our podcast is totally rampant with spoilers.

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