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Punning was hard this week, alright?

3 guesses which movie won hearts, minds and $$$ at the weekend:


Guess Who won the 'Captain of Everything?'

You guessed it! Our favorite Lord of the Buff raked in a cool $96.2mil on its opening weekend.... here's a brief gif-xplanation as to why:

Without wanting to generalize the appeal:



[Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973) has been heralded as 'the best Marvel film to date' by many. What are your thoughts? What will the [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) have to pull off in order to steal Cap's thunder?

But if you're not feeling overly patriotic, here are this week's new contenders:


From what I gathered of the trailer, this is a beautiful story about the unbreakable bond between a brother and sister... and a crazy sadistic mirror that frames the cute little boy for the death of their parents. Looks pretty damn freaky to me, but I'm a first class wimp. What do you horror buffs think? Would LOVE to see a trailer breakdown, and some thoughts on what you expect to see.

Draft Day

Woah, is Jennifer Garner a love interest for Kevin Costner? Can I get a 'Sugar Daddy?'

We all love a good football movie - anyone have a top 5? Let's play 'spot the difference' and see which one reigns supreme ( Remember the Titans!!!).

Rio 2:

From the creators of Ice Age comes... [Rio 2](movie:749506) . What would our world be without a cheery animated feature to teach life lessons to adults? What are your fave animated movies? Who does it better (Pixar or Dreamworks)?

If you're more in-clined to re-cline on your sofa this coming week, it's all about these players:

We've gone [Game of Thrones](movie:817617) mad at Moviepilot; we've even managed to lure 'The Mother of Dragons' AND 'Drogon the Dragon' himself into posting from their own perspectives! You can check out their posts here and here.

The season is off to an epic beginning, and we want to know each and every detail about the coming episodes: anything you picked up, questions you have, thoughts on characters who will surely meet their ends in S4 (no book-reading spoilers please!).

Here's one of mine:


Who deserves to sit on the Iron Throne?

Last but not least:

These guys got a year older!

Russell Crowe built a big boat, and turned 50. Kristen Stewart turned 24 (which means she hadn't even been conceived in 1984 (mind trip!), and the awesome Jackie Chan is 60.

And you can celebrate their lives and careers by sharing a post about them on MP.


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