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With the recent announcement from Goonies director, Richard Donner, that there is going to be a sequel to what is considered a classic by many, and a favorite amongst more (including myself), I wasn't sure whether to shout to the heavens about how brilliant it was...or curse the makers for the terrible thought. To influence that decision, three things will have to happen that will either completely make or tragically break this film for me.

1. The Cast Has to Return!

When asked who of the original cast would be returning, Donner replied:

Hopefully all of them.

Not exactly concrete, but he definitely nailed the "hopefully" part. In a 2012 interview with IGN, Goonies and The Lord of the Rings star, Sean Astin, apparently had never given up hope for a sequel. After saying that the entire cast were still good friends, his thoughts turned toward a second installment.

I'm 1,000% certain there will be a sequel. I will bet my children on it.

Keep your kids, Sean, but does that mean you'd sign on to reprise the role of Mikey Walsh? Out of all the actors of the original, I have little doubt that most of them would return. Corey Feldman (Mouth) has said in interviews that he and the rest of the cast would love to do a sequel, and that they were just waiting for the green light from the studio, but there is one star I'm worried might not be able to return.

Josh Brolin

Brolin has been nothing but famous since the release of The Goonies, and his career is only getting bigger. He's a powerhouse of an actor, with experience from comedy and drama, to sci-fi and action, and even was highly considered for the role of Batman in the upcoming "Batman vs. Superman" and the solo reboots afterwards. Will Brolin's schedule be absolutely filled with his recent participation in the Sin City sequel and other big name films, or will he make time to reprise the role of Brand Walsh?

2. An Original Story

The story cannot be recycled from the first movie! I'm not too worried about that, because they only way they could do that is that the gang now has to find One-Eyed Willy's ship...but did Willy also make a map and booby traps you have to get through for that as well? Did his ship magically sail to a very specific place with all those booby traps? I certainly hope they can come up with something better than that. References to the events of the first film are fine but please come up with an original story.

3. Steven Spielberg Must Be Involved

Again, this is something that I'm not too worried about, because Spielberg has expressed interest in doing a sequel some day. What I ask is that he return as a team with Richard Donner to direct again and Chris Columbus to write the screenplay again. Mostly, I want Spielberg though, because his involvement as both a writer for the film and most likely a producer as well almost ensure that this film will have no limits as to how good it can be as both a sequel and as a film in general.

Those are my three criteria that I feel must be met in order for me to enjoy, anticipate, and support this film. With The Goonies being one of my absolute favorite movies, I can only hope that justice is done in order for its' sequel to be good.

What do you guys think? Are you filled with flashbacks and just dying to see this movie? Or do you hope that it's over before it begins? Comment your thoughts!

(Source: article "Goonies Sequel is in Works, Says Director" written by K.C. Blumm)


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