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Ethan Williams

Honestly, I love the Batman movies. While I'm not such a huge fan of the Adam West film or TV series, I have loved ALMOST every movie about him that's come out since the first Michael Keaton film. I also happen to be a huge Batfleck supporter. This doesn't mean that I believe there should be many more movies. Batman shouldn't become James Bond, switching out actors every few films. I think that it would make more since for Batman to retire a little bit from the silver screen and try his hand at a TV show, again.

As a reader of the Batman comics, I understand that there have been hundreds of great Batman story lines and villains. But, I am not with the masses when I say that I don't like [Arrow](series:720988) all that much. I think that it feels more like a teen drama than a show about superheroes. Batman is obsessed with his work which leaves viewers enough talk about the actual heroes than us listening to their problems.

My favorite characters are the multiple Robins. They have their own lives, keeping room open for the characters to have real problems. In Arrow, all of the problems are Oliver's but he still tries to seem obsessed by his work. That just doesn't work. Batman has enough characters to balance all of that out. I have a Batman fan cast article out that I believe works just fine under the circumstances of a movie or TV series.

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