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[Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973) has hit the ground rolling, raking in a records shattering $96 million in the domestic box office, bringing its worldwide gross to an impressive $207.1 million. And this is only the tip of the iceberg for superhero movies this year. We've still got [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593), [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) and [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) set to be released later this year, and it stands to reason that those films will be just as successful if not more so.

Superhero comics have long since proven to be rich ground for Hollywood to mine for box office gold, but comic books are not merely populated by capes and shields. Sure, we're getting a new [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles](movie:323027) movie, and the long awaited sequel to Sin City is finally scheduled for release later this summer, but there's so much more to non-superhero comics than what we're seeing. With that in mind, I'd like to offer up ten non superhero titles that would make amazing film adaptations.

10. Soulfire

I'm not going to lie; I was never a fan of the late Michael Turner's artwork. All his characters looked like runway models, the only thing differentiating one person from the next was their hair color or their costumes, and his action scenes were lifeless and dull. Even so, he did have some decent ideas, which he brought to life when he started his own publishing company, Aspen MLT. One of those ideas was Soulfire, a story about a young boy destined to bring magic back into a technologically advanced world that has forgotten its existence. It's a typical "Chosen One" narrative, but its epic scale screams big budget Hollywood, and it would fit right in with all the YA adaptations populating the cinemas as of late. At the very least it would be nice to look at.

9. Aphrodite IX

This is a comic that was tailor made for Luc Besson. A female cyborg assassin that suffers from amnesia, struggling to discover her origins while killing a whole lot of people along the way; I don't understand what's taking Hollywood so long to get this done. There were rumors of a movie in the works, but that was years ago. It's been pretty quiet on that front, and I think it's time things started to get noisy again.

8. Madame Mirage

Two words: Paul Dini. If you don't know who he is then shame on you. Dini is the man that brought us Batman: The Animated Series and most of the DC Animated Universe. The comic takes place in a distant future, and centers around a pair of sisters out for revenge against a crime syndicate that ruined their budding technological enterprise. One of them (the titular Madame Mirage) dresses like a character right out of a pulp magazine. It's a simple revenge tale, but since when has Hollywood ever been afraid of simple? Besides, Dini's writing is as sharp as ever and provides enough twists and turns to keep readers entertained.

7. Battle Chasers

A fantasy comic created by famous (or infamous, depending on how you want to look at it) Joe Madureira. The story follows a number of characters, including a young girl with a pair of magical gloves, a swordsman with a checkered past, an old wizard and his sentient robotic guardian, and a buxom bounty hunter. The series is famous for Madureira's dynamic artwork, as well as long stretches between issues, and never having been finished (the last issue, #9, was released in September of 2001) since Madureira left comics to pursue a career in video game development. He has since left video game developing to return to comics so maybe he'll finish what he started. In the meanwhile, I can see someone like Guillermo del Toro taking this unfinished epic and turning it into a visually arresting action romp.

6. Sweet Tooth

Now we're getting to the really good stuff, and by "good," I mean "weird." This bizarre, dark, yet somewhat hopeful post apocalyptic tale follows a boy named Gus, who is half human and half deer, in a world where a mysterious plague has all but wiped out humanity. After traveling the desolate American wastelands, Gus and the other hybrids like him learn they might be the key to discovering how to stop it. Writer and artist Jeff Lemire's comic would benefit from the visual style of someone like John Hillcoat, who directed a story with a similar tone with the 2009 film, The Road.

5. Fables

The scale of this one would be enormous simply because it follows so many fairy tale creatures and characters. I would almost say it would make a better TV series, except Once Upon A Time beat it to the punch. After being chased from their home by a mysterious force known as "The Adversary", the beings that inhabit our folklore, known as Fables, escape to our world and form a community in New York City called Fabletown. The series makes some humorous changes to some of our most popular fairy tales. Snow White and Prince Charming are divorced due to the latter's infidelity, the Big Bad Wolf - known as "Bigby" - is reformed from evil and is the chain smoking sheriff of the town, etc. This is another property that Guillermo del Toro would totally own. The screenwriters would just have to do a lot of trimming to the source material.

4. Y: The Last Man

Another post apocalyptic tale, this one follows the exploits of Yoreck Brown, the last man on Earth after a mystery plague wiped out everyone else on the planet with a Y chromosome. The story is written by Brian K. Vaughan (a name that will be appearing again on this list) and is filled with heart, plenty of wit and humor, and a compelling look at our current society and its gender roles. A film was talked about and very near completion, but it looks like the rights are about to revert back to the creators. Here's hoping there really is better luck next time.

3. Preacher

This one has the potential to be highly controversial for the religious community, and I'm all for controversy. Preacher tells the story of the eponymous preacher, Jesse Custer, who completely annihilates his church and congregation after being suddenly possessed by Genesis, a supernatural being that is the unholy offspring of a demon and an angel. Composed of both pure good and pure evil, Genesis - and now by association, Custer - is possibly more powerful than God himself. A well executed movie adaptation of this book could very well make up for past stinkers like Constantine, Legion, and Priest. This comic is violent, irreverent, and quite funny in parts, and needs a director and screenwriter that can pull that off effectively. What's Robert Rodriguez doing right now?

2. Sandman

The seminal work by author Neil Gaiman has recently been making its rounds in the rumor mill, with the word being that actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in talks with Dark Knight scribe David Goyer to bring this project to life. Gaiman himself says he's very optimistic about the project, finding Levitt's personal love of the series encouraging. The series follows Morpheus, the god of sleep, and his troubled relationship with his siblings known as the Endless, in particular his sister Death. This award winning series is amazing, filled with complex characters and conflicts. In fact it would have placed number one on this list were it not for a more recent series that has blown me away. Which brings me to...

1. Saga

I told you Brian K. Vaughan would be reappearing on this list. Teaming with artist Fiona Staples, Vaughan brings to life a fantasy/space opera that is equal parts Star Wars and Romeo and Juliet. Alana and Marko, two lovers from opposing species that have been warring throughout the galaxy for ages, are on the run from their respective governments for not only marrying, but also siring a child that is a combination of both races. Filled with colorful characters, witty dialogue, and plenty of adult content, this series is just begging to be adapted into film. The scale would be enormous, as would the budget, but if done well it would be so worth it. If [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) is as good as its trailer then I would love to see James Gunn tackle this one.

So that's my list. What do you, dear readers, think? Are there any comics you think I missed that should be made into movies? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading. See you folks later.


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