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Kent Allen

Captain America: The Winter Soldier opened on Friday and quickly became the biggest blockbuster of the weekend, and according to reports, had the biggest opening ever in the month of April. That however is not the topic of this article.

**********Spoiler Alert**********

For those of you that haven’t seen it yet there are spoilers ahead.

Did you catch that S.H.E.I.L.D. / Hydra was planning on killing a major member of the Avengers when they unleashed their weapon to kill 20 million people??? The weapon was using an algorithm that would detect people that were a threat and it seems that no one was safe. (It also targeted the White House) It was just a quick blurp on the screen, but when they were showing all of the people that were being targeted there was a quick shot of a tall building with only the letter “A” on it, and the target was on the top floor.

What is this building? Who was inside?

This was Tony Stark's building. If you remember at the end of “The Avengers” all of the letters in Stark’s name had been knocked off of his brand new building in New York during the battle, except for the A, which of course looks like the A from the Avengers logo. And who would be on that top floor? Tony Stark of course. Mr. Stark now owes his life to Steve Rogers and friends. After the tension between the two during The Avengers, how do you think Tony will feel about that? Do you think that Howard Stark had any idea that he would be saving his own son when he helped create Captain America 70 years prior? Oh what a wonderfully well-woven world the Marvel team is creating!


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