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Jersey Boys has finally gotten its own movie and I am really psyched, not to mention the Wicked movie that is in the works and the already filmed Into the Woods movie. I'm into movies and musicals so movie musicals are a pretty decent idea in my book. If there are more movies based off of Broadway shows, I have a few ideas. This contains a lot of spoilers.

1. Next To Normal

I only just got very familiar with this musical but it really is great. The story centers around a mother who is suffering from "bipolar II with psychotic features." This causes her to often say things off topic at the beginning, but she gets worse fast.

Eventually, we learn that the son we've been seeing throughout the show was all in her mind, the real one having died 16 years ago. He continues to torment her and push her and her family to the brink.

The music is amazing and pretty moving, but this doesn't keep the show from being really funny when it wants to be. This is one that I really want to see on the silver screen, and I will probably be doing a fan cast on it soon enough.

2. West Side Story

Now, this has already been made into an Oscar winning film. The score written by Leonard Bernstein and music by Stephen Sondheim. It is the classic story of Romeo and Juliet set behind the backdrop of 1950s New York. Instead of two rival families, we have a Puerto Rican gang battling a gang of white boys. You know how the story goes from here. The original movie, although one of my favorites, really doesn't hold up. If you don't believe me, watch the opening scene. The score is great but the choreography just doesn't mix with the tone they want to set.

3. Glory Days

Glory Days is an interesting case of a good musical that was sunk by bad marketing. One of the songs, Open Road, has become popular among young male singers but not many people know what it's from. Glory Days has four actors and one set. It follow four high school friends meeting up after their first year of college. The music is actually pretty good but it did not stop the show from closing after one performance. Having an unknown musical hit the big screen can keep the movie from being over compared to the stage production.

4. Catch Me If You Can

This title may sound familiar to some of you. It is based off of a true story/book/movie, the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. It follows Frank Abagnale Jr., an 18 year old who passes himself off as a man in his late twenties and pretends to be a lawyer, doctor, and pilot within three years. He remains one of the most fascinating con artists of all time. He is tracked by an obsessive FBI agent who eventually becomes one of Abagnale's greatest allies. I won't tell you how. The musical tells the same story but with a score good enough for the Rat Pack that adds to Abagnale's charm. I saw it live during its short time on Broadway and it was great. The lead of the show, Aaron Tveit, has had a big career boost in the past year and I would love to see him reprise the role.

5. Urinetown: The Musical

If you can't tell by the name, this is a pretty heavy satire. I have a special connection to this one, considering that I was recently in a production of it. The story takes place in a world that has suffered a drought. This means that, to keep the water clean, people must pay to pee. This law is created by Urine Good Company, a company that practically owns the government and is ruled by the evil, Caldwell B. Cladwell. His daughter falls in love with Bobby Strong, a poor man who later leads the revolution against the UGC. It is doomed from the beginning. Songs include "Snuff The Girl", "Privilege To Pee", and "I See A River." It's better than it sounds. The soundtrack is on iTunes and I highly recommend checking it out. This one could be really cool if it found the right director.

So, if you have any other ideas, I'd love to see them in the comments. Thanks for reading.


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