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Step back 28 years to a film centered around children attempting to save their beloved community by uncovering one of the greatest treasures of all times. I have to say the Goonies is one of my favorite movies to watch because it is a feel good movie that also has plenty of laughs. When I head they were developing a sequel I quickly, without thinking, yelled to my roommate, "IS NOTHING SACRED???" Needless to say I have had time to step back and assess the situation and have come up with 3 ways they can make it a success and a great addition and 3 ways they can ruin the experience.


1. Bring back every (living and important) character. The cast is what made the first one and it is what will make the sequel.

I have to have the main core of characters: Mikey, Brand, Chunk, Data, Mouth, Andy, Stef, and of course Sloth. All of these are pretty easy sells pitches. Josh Brolin is the hardest sell but since his last film was with spike lee and didn't do great by any means, he would probably be able. The one that will be the most difficult in my opinion is sloth due to the simple fact the actor who played sloth died in the late 80's. You may be thinking no big deal but I'm a stickler for things being as true as possible and having a different person play sloth will be something I'll be paying close attention to. We don't need the parents or any of the Fratelli's returning so I believe sticking with the core group makes it an easier sell for fans. I would however like a cameo from Rosalita because the scene where mouth is translating to her all of these rediculous and outrageous things cracks me up every time just based on her reactions. Sadly she too has died. This begins to be a problem when the sequel is so many years later.

2. Donner, Speilberg and Columbus must direct, write story, and write screenplay.

These men know the story and characters better than anyone. I need the great minds behind the first one to set the stage for a great addition. I don't want some hot shot trying to make or save their career taking over this project. You would have to think these three had a conversation at some point in the last 20 years saying Goonies sequel would have to have this. Surely this has been bounced around before and not just a whim of an idea to try and make bank, but it is Hollywood so I wouldn't put it past them.

3. They surprise me

If i had to guess I would say Mikey currently works in the same position his father had in the same old town. Brand and Andy got married and both teach at the local high school. Mouth and Stef also married and moved down the coast to California for bright lights but divorced. Data works for Stanford or MIT and is highly successful or they completely flip the script and make him a struggling inventor which I tend to prefer. Also Chunk and Sloth are roommates which I think would set up to be hilarious. Now some sort of cause or event will cause Mikey to get the gang back together one last time. To which will end with Data inventing something along the journey that turns his career around, Mouth and Stef get back together, also the movie ends with Sloth and Chunk making so much money off whatever they found that they have bought a mansion. Also don't know if you have noticed but the kid who played Chunk grew up to be a normal looking slender guy so I'm sure they will make plenty of jokes at that. Another route would simply being starting over with new kids but see Sandlot 2 and 3 and tell me how that turned out. They may surprise me with a very different story arc but I doubt it. My plot doesn't sound terrible but I would like to be surprised with something else.

The Bad

1. They make it exactly like the first

Ever liked a song and went to look up the band only to realize every song sounds exactly the same? With movies we want something new brought to the table. I think of Sherlock Holmes. The first one played out beautifully how he would dissect a fight in his head. The second movie also did this but there was a time where what he thought up was shortened in much fewer moves or when he is in the final fight both men are drawing up their game plan which is so unique to watch and a breath of fresh air for something we already loved. With that said if the Goonies sequel is them coming back to save their neighborhood again, brand and andy are still trying to get together, and Sloth yells "Hey you guys!" We've got problems. Been there, seen that. I would like to see the truffle shuffle again though.

2. They call it Goonies 2

Anytime I hear a sequel with a number thrown beside it that tells me we know you will go see and spend your money so we didn't waste time coming up with a title. I was so glad to see Thor the Dark World and Captain America Winter Solider. They had me hooked and wondering what will they be about. I need some sort of attention grabber like Goonies- Never Say Die or just Never Say Die would be acceptable as well.

3. Has a cookie cutter story with cheesy jokes

I want an adventure I have never seen before and humor that is memorable and quotable. The great thing about the first is I can watch it again and again some movies have that and some don't. The ones I can watch over and over have a unique story as well as idea. I need them all having to come together for an adventure for a treasure but nothing outrageous like city of gold or fountain of youth a lesser known artifact would be much more believable. Don't throw me like in the fourth Indiana Jones. The beauty of that series is I believe in the Ark of the Covenant, I believe there are dudes out there eating peoples hearts, and I believe in the Holy Grail. I however don't believe in aliens. Thats my opinion feel free to address yours in the comments but I just don't. So for me Crystal Skull took it out of the realm of real. Shia LaBeouf didn't help either but that is beside the point. Make it real, make me believe these amateurs , or maybe so many years later experts could actually find this. I look forward to hearing more and seeing a trailer.

What possible story lines do you think they could use? What would you like to see? Also Goonies on Blu Ray is well worth the upgrade currently $10 or less. Makes it look brand new.


What do you think?


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