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With the confirmation of Black Panther and Dr. Strange I thought it was time for me to have a fan casting article.

Black Panther

Chadwick Boseman (42, The Express)

The guy is a great actor and has the athletic build needed to pull off the physical nature of Black Panther. Chadwick is the easy choice but if I had to choose it would be.....

Idris Elba (The Losers, Takers, Pacific Rim, both Thors)

This guy has blown up the last few years with stellar performances most recently in [Pacific Rim](movie:204401). I know someone will say he is already in the Marvel universe as Heimdall. Like the roll of Heimdall can't be replaced....If Batman can be replaced after 3 years, I think a minor character on the other side of the fence can be as well. The guy is too great an actor to not be a larger role.

Dr. Strange

Christian Bale

I realize Christian Bale may seem like an odd choice since he is the face of DC for the last few years but think about his performance in The Prestige. He was a master of magic with double the tricks up his sleeve. (See what I did there?? Little bit of Prestige Humor...If you haven't seen The Prestige, leave your current place and go buy it. For some strange reason it is at almost every used movie place I have been. Which I can't figure out but their loss is your gain my friend) Sorry for getting side tracked but seriously he would be awesome with the magic side and has that mysterious vibe.

Michael Fassbender

To quote Cam from Modern Family,"Meryl Streep could play Batman and be a good choice." Well I think Michael Fassbender could play Meryl Streep and be a good choice. The guy is one of my favorite actors and has shown he can be in anything from action to more serious roles in thrillers. I know he's Magneto and he plays that role excellently but let's be real, do we think Fox and Disney are ever going to play nice and have a movie together Avengers vs X-men. The answer to that question is no. Look at Chris Evans from Fantastic 4 (FOX) to Captain America (Now Disney). Granted he will never have to play in the Fantastic 4 ever again with the new reboot but Michael could do both. However I wouldn't want this to take him away from the Assassins Creed franchise which has plenty of pressure on it as well with so many script changes.

Edward Norton

The world seems to forget he was ever the Hulk thanks to Mark Rufalo's brilliant rendition. Here again Ed played a magician in the Ilussionist and almost has the exact same facial hair needed to be [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) .....coincidence.....I think so. Back to reality, I feel like this is a tough sell since he couldn't get the right money for avengers he may say forget the Marvel world but I think he could do it justice with that same mysterious vibe Bale has going on.

Luke Cage

Dwayne Johnson

This guy is simply an entertainer. He is a legend in the wrestling world and becoming one in the movie world. You will easily see him in 3 movies a year which is a tight schedule. I don't see this one happening because he is in talks for Lobo on the DC side. I also think he or Elba would make an awesome Green Lantern but that is for another day.

Rampage Jackson

If not Rampage it needs to be someone with a background in fighting who is powerful. We don't want to see movie magic with Luke Cage I want to see someone who would be believable.

Iron Fist-

Matt Mullins

had to really hunt for a quality Iron Fist my knowledge among Chinese-American Actors is limited so I found an American known mostly for stunts and small roles but I think he has the skill set and the look that would work.


Josh Holloway

I know Channing Tatum has reportedly said he would like the throw the cards and wield the staff but I just don't see it. I think a much better choice would be Josh Holloway. He already has that dry sarcastic wit and for sure has the look. I've heard his name tossed around for [Aquaman](movie:264237) on the DC side but honestly as bad of a rap as Aquaman gets who would want to do that.

Just some thoughts to get the ball rolling, feel free to comment who you think should play these characters as well as any other marvel character I failed to put. Look forward to hearing some ideas.

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