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Jessica Harmon

With less than 60 hours to go on their Kickstarter campaign, and only 10k off reaching his 50k goal, director Ron Newcomb has announced some of the newly-signed cast for his highly-anticipated action-adventure-fantasy film THE RANGERS.

Josh Murray ("Killing Lincoln", TVs "Revolution"), Sebrina Scott ("Halloween Homecoming"), John Wells ("Bad Blood : Hatfields & McCoys"), and Justin Moe ("Rise of the Fellowship") have all boarded the cast of the Lord of the Rings-esque epic.

Murray will play Lt. Tailis, a veteran who been around since the Fallen Age where many of the elven kind were wiped out, as elves do not replenish as man does. Lt. Tailis was also there during the brief but violent Borderland Wars between the Wood Elves and the Humans. His unit now patrols the borders and ensure their lands are kept free of outsiders. Scott plays Sabine, part-human part-elf, Wells plays the villain Prince Korlan Magan.

To see that the film makes it Kickstarter goal, click here and donate - you have less than 60 hours to do so! KICKSTARTER PAGE


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