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With the month of April wrapping up and May just around the corner, movie buffs need to start marking their calenders for May's hot new movie releases. Whether you're in the mood for a hilarious comedy with Zac Efron or another adventure with your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, the month of May has it all! So sit back, relax, grab some popcorn, and prepare for your movie minds to be blown.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2:

Spider-Man will be slinging into theaters on May 2nd, kicking off the month of May and Summer 2014. With Captain America: The Winter Soldier's success this previous April, Marvel is hoping for another box-office sensation in the second Spidey movie. The movie already opened to an impressive 67 million overseas so it looks like Marvel is giving us another engrossing superhero film. Fans gave the first movie in the franchise mixed reviews, some absolutely loving it and others not so much. Will the second exceed expectations? Or will fans leave the theater with a scowl on their face? Starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx. Rated: PG-13.

  The Amazing Spider-Man 2
The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Other May 2nd releases:

Walk of Shame, Belle, The Protector 2, Beneath the Harvest Sky, Bad Johnson, Decoding Annie Parker, and Whitewash


Neighbors, a new comedy movie with Zac Efron, hits theaters May 9th. The movie focuses on a new couple with a newborn baby and the fraternity that moves in next door. Basically they play endless pranks on each other for an hour and a half. Starring: Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, and Zac Efron. Rated: R.


Other May 9th Releases:

Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return, Moms' Night Out, Chef, Devil's Knot, The Hornet's Nest, God's Pocket, Stage Fright, The Double, and Palo Alto.


A reboot of the 1998 film franchise, Godzilla stomps into theaters on May 16th. With a dangerous looking trailer and a good start at the international box office, it looks like this remake will bring in old and new fans alike to see the world's most famous monster. Starring: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, and Bryan Cranston. Rated: PG-13


Other May 16th Releases:

Million Dollar Arm, Wolf Creek 2, The Immigrant, A Night in Old Mexico, and Don Peyote.

X Men: Days of Future Past:

The next instalment in the new X-Men franchise comes to theaters on May 23rd. With the whole Bryan Singer fiasco, the movie is getting tons of publicity. Marvel really is going to have an amazing start to the summer movie season and it looks like Days of Future Past will not disappoint fans of our favorite mutants. Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, and Michael Fassbender Rated: PG-13

X-Men: Days of Future Past
X-Men: Days of Future Past

Other May 23rd Releases: Blended, The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, Tracks, and Words and Pictures


Disney's spin on the classic villain will come out at the end of the month, closing out May at the movies. The film looks haunting and mysterious, and I, along with many other moviegoers can easily say that I can't wait for this different twist on Maleficent. Starring: Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning Rated: PG


Other May 23rd Releases: A Million Ways to Die in the West, The Grand Seduction, We Are The Best, Filth, Night Moves, and Party Central


What movie are you excited to see this May?


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