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Nicolas Carmona

Over the weekend I went to see one of the most fantastic comic book movies.

**Will Contain Spoilers**

Right of the bat we see that this is a very different marvel movie, here we experience that this is a political thriller (yes everyone has said but it’s true) with superheroes in it; the Russos make this work perfectly. We see a continuation of Steven Rogers dealing with his out of time feeling, learning the new technology and even more dealing with how different his morals are from what they are right now.

Captain america and Black widow
Captain america and Black widow

How do they develop this central conflict is through some great character development and great chemistry, we see how everyone is connected to the development of everyone. We see in the middle of everything capt, for instance him and Black Widow begin very distrustfully, specially after finding out that she had a different mission than he did at the ship; however, they change this into a great dynamic by great witty comments and comedy (like the first kiss in 70 years moment) and deep moments like Black Widow’s past and Capt sharing that Bucky is the Winter Soldier. Another great chemistry on screen is Sam and Steven, both bonded by being war vets and the differences of being in the battle field and being back at home, they become best buds in a way that they have each other’s back and work so great as a team that it reassured me that their choice of putting Falcon in was perfect and he was very nicely handled.

The winter soldier
The winter soldier

The big plot twist about HYDRA infiltrating SHIELD and other government agencies (cool to see how the Senator from Iron Man really wanted to have the Iron Man suit for HYDRA and not for the government once you puzzle things together), Robert Redford brings a believable factor to it in a way that makes him be perfect for the conspiracy, political thriller villain, it is always seeing great talent in theaters but it is even more fun seeing this kind of talent on comic book movies. The Winter Soldier was fantastic, he at first looks like a ruthless killer but once he learns that he knows this guy, this Captain America, we see how affected he is and how it plays during later of his decisions all the way to the second post credit scene. The action in this movie is amazing, the best choreography of all the comic book movies and the best action we have seen in all of them, it was fantastic from the one-on-one fights to the shooting and explosions, and this just enhances everything that the story presents.

After all the events of the movie, the Marvel Universe has changed so much, it will impact greatly the tv show and we might get more answers after tomorrow’s episode but regardless, Shield is no more at least no like we knew it. A lot of the characters take different paths and explore different stories, so where does this leave the Marvel Universe we will have to wait until [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035), because [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) I don’t think will develop anything immediate but rather more about Phase 3. Lastly let’s talk about the first post credit scene which I think sets off what’s to come in the next Avengers movie, not only we are introduced to a new villain Wolfgang Von Strucker and more importantly his experiments, the origin story for [Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch](movie:1081109) are revealed here that their power comes from experiments with Loki’s scepter, since they cannot be mutants it is very interesting this new approach.

So with great development, great characters, and one hell of constant action I give [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973) a 9/10

You can watch my very first video review here, I know it’s not perfect but it’s my first time and already learned many things from it.


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