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Nicolas Carmona

This weekend the next Marvel movie came out, Captain America The Winter Soldier opened up with a big $95 million setting the record for the biggest opening on the month of April, not only that but the movie has already gotten $300 million worldwide. Followed up by Noah with $17 million (quite a big difference), third place Divergent with $12.9 million; the last two are God is not Dead with $7.7 million and fifth the Muppets with $6.1 million.

Another great thing to point out is that Frozen not only kicked down TDKR and took it’s spot but it’s #15 for the weekend after roughly five months to be still have so much legs that is pretty amazing. Next week we have coming out Rio 2, Oculus, Draft Day so my predictions for next week are:

1. [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973)
2. Rio 2
3. [Oculus](movie:1198571)
4. [Noah](movie:204057)
5. Draft Day


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