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This one's got dream project written all over it. Iron Man director and Avengers producer Jon Favreau certainly isn't short on friends or funding so if the big man wants to direct, write and star in a film about food, who in the world is gonna stop him?

It's called Chef and concerns the life of a high end cook who leaves the restaurateur scene to open a street food truck of his own. The trailer just dropped, check it out below:

The film opened SXSW last month to quite pleasant reviews so there's reason to believe this is more than mere self indulgence. RDJ seems to be playing an affluent friendly investor type with John Leguizamo and Bobby Cannavale as a great looking, comedic sous-chef pair. Dustin Hoffman rounds off the tasty ensemble as a hard line restaurateur. The gags take a turn for the cheesier late on but this has 'easy going trip to flicks' written all over it. Just make sure it's not on an empty stomach.

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Favreau back directing?


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