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Anyone who's made it to Captain America: The Winter Soldier already might have noticed a scattered outburst of laughter at a seemingly inappropriate moment. We're sure you caught the wink but just in case you forgot your specs that day or happened to be knee deep in popcorn at the crucial moment, here's a quick reminder.

Samual L. Jackson was still relatively fresh faced in the business when Quentin Tarantino wrote him the part of Jules Winnfield for his Palme d'Or winning classic Pulp Fiction. The role was a badass-maker if ever there was one, largely thanks to this faux-scripture quoting scene:

So now, with Jackson appearing as Marvel's Nick Fury once more, the writers of Captain America's latest outing decided to pay homage to Tarantino's film with this neat little wink. Check it out below:

Did you catch this one on the big screen? Did it break the spell? Let us know.

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