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The internet was a minefield of mean pranks and funny antics on April 1st, but no prank was quite as cruel as the one pulled by Skybound, the guys responsible for publishing Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comic book series.

The jokesters altered the cover of issue 98 to make it look like everyone's favorite crossbow-wielding badass, Daryl Dixon, was set to make his comic book debut.

The guy on the left is Dwight, a grotesque member of Negan's Saviors. The guy on the right is a photoshopped image of Dwight to look like Daryl Dixon. Clever.

There was also another photoshopped image of Dwight, but this one got less attention:

The tagline on the left is actually from [The Walking Dead](series:201193) show, leading many fans to falsely hope that Daryl would indeed be showing up in the comic. But alas, if you look carefully you'll notice that it's another photoshopped image of Dwight which has been flipped and silhouetted, thus rounding off the cruelest April 1st prank of the year.

Well played guys. Well played indeed.

Would you want to see Daryl Dixon in the comics or should he remain solely in the show?


Should Daryl Dixon appear in the comics?


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