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Those Spice Girls better get themselves some restraining orders pronto because evidence of super fan Emma Stone's obsession continues to grow!

The [The Amazing Spider-Man](movie:45497) actress appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently and her all encompassing love of the '90s girl group was once again dragged out the closet.

Not only does the star know all of the spicy ladies autographs off by heart, but she also changed her name in the second grade to match her idol, Emma Bunton. That's dedication.

In an act of forgery that will have you clutching your check book (they still exist, right?) in horror, Stone whips through all of the Spice Girls signatures with staggering accuracy.

Check out the compelling video evidence below:

I am absolutely loving seeing a legitimate celeb go full fan girl for something so quintessentially lame! Stone's bug eyed enthusiasm for the Spice Girls has really oomphed her up my favourite celeb ladder. There is just something so endearing about a super successful star forging some faded singers signatures with such glee!

If Emma can do it, so can we! Shirk the shackles of your shame and share your most cringeworthy passions below. Nothing is off limits.

Let me begin by saying that I used to fancy the pants off the middle guy in Hanson AND I actually liked Nick Carter's curtains. Next!


Which is your favourite embarrassing '90s band?

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