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The bar for found footage horror seems to know no depths. The genre still has the ability to offer the odd pleasant- or unpleasant as the case may be- surprise but the output simply must improve. Surfacing today is the new trailer for found footage indie horror- and winner of 2014's most imaginative title- The Lost Footage. The plot line is as follows:

For over a decade, a series of unexplained events have been caught on camera by amateur videographers across the globe. Immediately following each event, a special, top-secret branch of the United States government seized these tapes in an attempt to conceal the evidence.
After years of protests and involuntary leaks, the U.S. government has now declassified the documents and will release them for all the public to see.

Difficult to know how they might structure this one, it really does sound quite vague. Check out the teaser for yourself and hey, who knows, it might still be a winner, but we certainly wont be holding our breathe:

What do you make of this one? Has this genre finally run its course? Let us know below.

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Found footage horror?


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