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The zombie genre might be starting to drag on a bit, but there are still people out there who can do interesting things with it. Take for example Joe Dante's upcoming horror-comedy, [Burying the Ex](movie:1180759).

The horror aficionado has teamed up with Anton Yelchin, Ashley Greene and Alexandra Daddario to deliver a story of a girlfriend who seriously can't except a relationship is over. Check out the synopsis and first images for the flick below:

Burying The Ex follows Max (Yelchin), an all-around nice guy, and his overbearing but incredibly beautiful girlfriend, Evelyn (Greene). Their relationship takes a nosedive after they decide to move in together and Evelyn turns out to be a controlling, manipulative nightmare. Max knows it’s time to call it quits, but there’s just one problem: he’s terrified of breaking up with her. Fate steps in when Evelyn is involved in a freak accident and dies, leaving Max single and ready to mingle. Max eventually meets Olivia (Daddario), a cute and spirited girl who just might be his soul mate, only to learn that Evelyn has risen from her grave and is determined to get her boyfriend back…even if that means turning him into one of the undead.

What do you think? An interesting twist to the genre, or is it time the zombie genre really just died? Let us know below.

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