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Rory O'Connor

Have you ever wished that George Lucas hadn't cast James Earl Jones back in 1977? Ever thought that a Pooh bear lisp would have been more chilling than all that strained heavy breathing?

How silly of us. Of course you have.

In a panel at last year's ConnectiCon, Jim Cummings- voice of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and many others- took part in a Star Wars script reading with fellow voice actor Lauren Landa. Take a look:

A weird one to say the least but a good laugh none the less and who knows, at the rate J.J.'s casting rumors go, Cummings could be in talks for a role next week.

What famous voice would you like to hear read from that legendary script? Let us know below.

A none Pooh bear Star Wars opens late next year... If you're into that sort of thing...



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