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And so the Ghostbusters 3 production train limps slowly on. It was just last month that Lego Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were being tentatively pinned down for the project, now it seems Hollywood's most popular kids on the block have walked away from the long gestating sequel entirely. As The Wrap's Jeff Sneider tweeted yesterday:

Can you blame them? Lord and Miller are currently responsible for the best reviewed film of the year and are hot favourites for the animation Oscar next Spring so we can assume they are in seriously hot demand. The directors seem to be the go-to-guys for potentially troublesome projects at the moment so it's unfortunate we won't get to see their particular brand of anarchic comedy being put to this much beloved series.

I would say "I guess we'll never know", but by the way this production has been panning out so far they could really be back in talks next week.

Sad to see them (potentially) go? Let us know below.

For now, Ghostbusters 3 remains struggling in production.


Lord and Miller leave?


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