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Note: Adult content contained below - including NSFW scenes of parenting, suburbia and being pestered by the neighbor kid. Also, a whole bunch of sex and violence.

Have you ever wondered what a fight between Zac Efron and Seth Rogen would look like? Well, wonder no more, because the two new trailers for Neighbors below will show you, and it's the sort of cinematic marvel you'll never be able to un-see. One clue, without spoiling it entirely - it involves toys, and not the kind you can buy at FAO Schwarz.

With Efron and Dave (James' little brother) Franco playing frat brothers tormenting Rogen and Rose Byrne's suburban couple, the concept is certainly rich with comedic potential. It ultimately plays out like a classic Frat-Pack comedy, but with an anarchic streak a mile wide. And, again, a whole bunch of sex, particularly in the US Restricted trailer.

You can check both out below:

What do you guys think? Are Efron and Rogen are a comic match for each other? Is Rose Byrne secretly going to be the best thing in it? And which of the guys do you think is going to win that fight in the end?


Who's going to win THAT fight?


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