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HBO's hit fantasy series, Game of Thrones, is arguably the best show the cable premium channel has ever aired. The evidence? The ratings for last Sunday's season four premiere, titled "Two Swords."

The aforementioned episode accumulated the largest audience the show has had yet: 6.6 million viewers. I repeat, 6.6 million viewers! That impressive statistic also allowed the show to reach a new milestone - the most-watched program on HBO. The Sopranos previously held the record with its series finale back in 2007, but it has been forced to move down to second place. Again, 'GOT' is arguably the best show HBO has ever aired.

The nudity-filled, violence-driven show averaged 14.4 million viewers per episode (including DVR and online streaming) last season. As a direct comparison to last Sunday's season four premiere, the season three premiere earned 4.4 million viewers. But with the show already starting out with a six million viewership tally, this season might very well help 'GOT' rise to the very top as the best show HBO has ever aired (notice I did not include the word "arguably" this time).

Sansa (Sophie Turner) and Tyrion (Peter Dinklage)
Sansa (Sophie Turner) and Tyrion (Peter Dinklage)

Moreover, the season four premiere was so great that online viewership also skyrocketed; specifically, it destroyed HBO's online streaming service, HBO Go. Many online viewers received a "fatal error" message while "Two Swords" was airing.

In fact, the problem became so pervasive that the network had to issue the following statement:

HBO Go did experience issues due to overwhelming demand around the premiere of "Game of Thrones." The service has returned to several platforms and we are working hard towards full recovery, which we expect soon.

Even the official Twitter account of HBO Go had to acknowledge this issue:

Judging by the way each season of this show has progressively seen its audience grow larger and larger, it may be safe to assume that difficult times may lay ahead for HBO Go. As for HBO itself, I think it is also safe to assume that the execs working for the network may not mind having to constantly solve any issues that may arise from their online streaming service so long as the upcoming episodes keep attracting higher viewership at a progressive rate, thus allowing the show to keep expanding its fan base and popularity even more.

Margaery (Natalie Dormer) and Joffrey(Jack Gleeson)
Margaery (Natalie Dormer) and Joffrey(Jack Gleeson)

The next episode of Game of Thrones will air this coming Sunday, April 13th, at 9 p.m. ET. It is titled "The Lion and the Rose," and you can view a promo for said episode by clicking on the following link:

Time for you all to opine! Let me know in the comments section below what you all thought of last Sunday's episode ("Two Swords") of 'GOT.' And, share your predictions as to what we can expect from next Sunday's episode ("The Lion and the Rose").


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