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Fighting an enemy in a distant land or trying to win back the love of your estranged son? This is the dilemma facing Maggie Swann (Michelle Monaghan) in [Fort Bliss](movie:1328103) , a drama about a US Army medic who returns home after an extended tour of Afghanistan to a son who treats her like a stranger.

The first trailer has just landed for you to check out, but I need to warn you: Scenes of forced emotion and difficult life choices await:

To be honest, Fort Bliss looks too Hallmark channel for me - although with a much larger budget and less soft lighting. And even though I'm a big fan of Michelle Monaghan, who was fantastic in True Detective, I've not seen enough in the Fort Bliss trailer to convince me to part with my cash when it's released into theaters later this year.

But maybe that's because I'm an emotionally backward, husk of a man who's had his fingers burnt in the past by overly-emotional drama.

What did you think about the Fort Bliss trailer?


Fort Bliss looks...


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