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Every solo superhero movie these days seems to have a particular set of characters included:

  • The Hero
  • The Love Interest
  • The Sidekick/Friend
  • The Villain

Using The Dark Knight as an example, let's see what we have here:

  • The Hero (Bruce Wayne/Batman)
  • The Love Interest (Rachel)
  • The Sidekick/Friend (Alfred, Lucius Fox)
  • The Villain (Joker, Two-Face could count)

If we look at most solo superhero movies, they seem to follow this guide. And seeing how most superhero movies are male-centric, it makes sense that most of the love interests are female, and while many of the love interests do have a fair share of "bad ass" moments, or have life outside of being a love interest, it is safe to say that the character probably would not exist if they weren't a love interest.

A great example is Pepper Potts in the Iron Man movies. Pepper has her fair share of shining moments in the series, and while she and Tony do not officially start dating until the end of the second movie (though it is still obvious that Tony has feelings for Pepper throughout the second movie, and possibly even the first), would Pepper even be included in the Iron Man movies if she wasn't going to end up with Tony? What if she had simply remained his friend throughout the series?

I was having this conversation with my friend last week about how love interests seem to become a crucial thing in movies these days. I have not problem with it; it's normal. It's natural. It gives the heroes a sense of humanity, and allows us to relate with them even more.

But what if the hero wasn't male? What if a female superhero had a love interest in her movie? How different would it be to the regular male superhero movie that we are all used to?

That hero is Wonder Woman.

Before The New 52 kicked in, Diana's main love interest was usually considered to be Steve Trevor, and still is by some fans. However, as of the New 52, Wonder Woman was thrown into a relationship with Superman (which some fans are still on the fence about), and The Justice League cartoon constantly showed hints of her having feelings for Batman. So who would be right for the DC Cinematic Universe?

Superman is already ruled out. Though it is not confirmed that Clark and Lois are together, it would extremely odd for DC to turn around, and throw Clark and Diana together for the sake of matching the new 52.

Batman and Wonder Woman...?
Batman and Wonder Woman...?

Batman is a possibility - since The Dark Knight Trilogy ended not long ago, and DC will want to distance themselves from it as much as possible. Rachel and Selina may not appear in the universe at all, and if they do, it may only be platonic. And Batman may not get another solo movie for a while , so it would make sense for Diana and Bruce to get a little close throughout the years. Another reason is that Bruce and Diana are the only founding members of The Justice League without well known love interests.

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor in Batman: BatB.
Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor in Batman: BatB.

So that only leaves one other logical person: Steve Trevor. Who, in my opinion, would make the most sense. Not only is it a better option than the other two for many reasons, but it is who Diana started off with.

Steve is already a huge part of Diana's origin story, so including him wouldn't be much of a challenge. In fact, a Wonder Woman origin movie shouldn't be much of a challenge - if they just looked at what they did in 2009, it could be done.

Regardless, it's not like DC can ignore Steve, or pretend that he doesn't exist. Because he does. And he's important.

However, we know that it's not all love at first site and the relationship has to grow. So they start off a friends to lovers. The question is though, should they become lovers? Does Wonder Woman need a lover? How would it affect her character?

I personally don't see a problem with it. If it's done right at least. They don't need to get together in the first movie - and can wait until the second, or even a [Justice League](movie:401267) movie to show any signs of affection. The relationship shouldn't become a huge part of the movie (sadly, like what happened in Iron Man 3), and here's why:

When you think of Superman, what do you think? Alien, practically invincible, wears blue, boy scout. You don't automatically think of "Lois Lane" when you think of Superman.

When you think of Thor, what do you think? Demi-God, huge hammer, talks funny, once got punched by the Hulk. You don't automatically think of "Jane or Sif" (depending on which continuity that we're talking about), when you think of Thor.

And at the moment, we don't think Steve Trevor when we think Wonder Woman. In fact, most people haven't even heard of Steve Trevor. Maybe only comic book fans, or those who were around when the Wonder Woman TV series aired.

And it should stay that way. I don't want to mention Wonder Woman, and have people think of "Steve Trevor". I want people to think or the cool amazonian while the awesome lasso, and invisible jet, who once beat Batman to the ground. Not, "oh yeah, she's with that Steve guy."

I am not saying that Wonder Woman having a love interest would "ruin" her character. If anything, it would make it interesting. If done in the right way. I just don't want her relationship to become a huge part of her movie, or overshadow what Wonder Woman really is.

So, what do you think? Should [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) have a love interest in the DC Cinematic Universe? Should she stay single? Who would you like to see her with?


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