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It's been well enough said (or assumed) that Star-crossed is not to be renewed next May. The reasons for stating that are various, from bad acting to tiresome plot, culminating with terrible ratings, but last night's episode began to change things. A little.

The Romeo and Juliet syndrome (as I like to call it) has been a must in almost every tv show of the past few years. Yes, it's cool to see two souls unite in a timeless love against all and everyone. But it gets tiring. When Star-crossed came along, it was all there was to it. Two teens, from two different species, in love. That'd be okay for starters, if the actors had any chemistry what-so-ever.

They didn't.

We (and I mean 99% of people) doomed the show and gave it up.

They did try, though. In the midst of that flat-never-to-happen relationship, they added yet another bland piece. (Truthfully, I began thinking the problem was really Aimee, who couldn't create a spark with anyone). Then, enter terrorist attacks, racism and family drama. Yeah, thank you.

In all honesty, at this point, we didn't care for their healing blood, or Emery and Roman, or Grayson (hottie-great-to-watch Grayson). Hell, we gave up knowing what the Atrians were all about, why had they come here and what their story was. (Personally, one of the first things I need to get when aliens come to my planet is why. There was no why.) We - the handful who resiliently continued to watch - did so because of either having limited fresh options on a Monday night or because it offered us some thinking downtime.

Yet, yesterday, something happened. There was sensible action, plot development, good acting, lots of curve balls and secrets revealed and even some sparks (Who knew!?). The pace was completely on, not too much melodramatic dialogues, and I could really see some potential on this show. Enough so that I'm now eagerly waiting for next Monday! (Who knew²!?).

On a side note: We love tv shows. We love us some romance in them. Pack it with action and some reasonable story line and you got us hooked, creating fandoms and getting into ridiculous internet arguments over which show is better. I sincerely hope they keep this up, bringing up the heat on the 'who's to be renewed for the next season' thingy. I know it's hard on fandoms, but it's great for us regular watchers.

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