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Believe it or not, THREE more sneak peeks have been released for the upcoming "From Dusk Till Dawn" TV Series!

Episode 1.05 - "Self-Contained" (airs 4/8/14) 
Seth escapes the motel and leads the Fullers' RV to the Border. Meanwhile, Richie deals with an irrational fear; and Jacob (Robert Patrick) is determined to get his children safely across the Border. Directed by Joe Menendez and written by Matt Morgan and Ian Sobel.

These new sneak peeks are looking pretty awesome. Robert Patrick (Dusk Till Dawn 2) seems like a worthy successor as Harvey Keitel's Jacob - although I do miss Keitel's fatherly presence. Robert Patrick is as hardcore as they come, and will definitely be a badass when the time comes.

What do YOU think of this new series? Are you hooked yet?


(Source: Dread Central)


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