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Louie O'Sullivan

This issue has bugged me for a long time but I have never questioned it for two reasons. One I love comic books (mainly DC Comics but I am partial to the occasional Marvel comic too) and I want to see them done to a standard that they deserve. Two because I feel we need to be harsh and pushy because we have so many great stories out there that only a very small population of the worlds has read, if we want the comic book community to grow and expand films are one of the ways to do that so we need these films to be great and to live up to the standard of the source material. A few films have done this such as Dredd (you thought it was going to be The Dark Knight didn't you?)granted only seen by few and didn't do well at the box office but it was an amazing comic book movie if you haven't watched it watch it its on Netflix and I'm sure you can feet it in your local movie shop for a good price.

Last weekend I watched Captain America The Winter soldier (A must see for comic book fans) and as I was watching there is a scene in it ware the Howling Commandos are mentioned but they are captain America's not Nick Fury's and after moaning about that in my head, like I'm sure every comic book fan has when the go to see a comic book film and there is something out of place. After I thought to my self I am being incredibly pick I am deliberately trying to pick faults with this movie and spoil it for my self when there is no need, there are no faults with the movie and I persoanlly found the film to be Marvels best movie (excluding Avenger) to date.

I raised this question to a few of my friends who like me are die hard comic fans (True Believers) and they think that we are not harsh we just want the best for the source material and I couldn't help but think we are the push parents and the comics are our children. After continuing the conversation for a good couple of hours (like you do) we came to the source of the problem which was all the insults and cringe worthy moments we have had to endure as we gazed upon the screen over the years. Yes I'm talking about Batman's 'bat-nipples', Supermans 'super-kiss', Sylvester Stallone's portrail of Judge Dredd and who could forget Adam West (even though he is a bit of a guilty pleasure). It is these that have made us tough over the years to please as audience members and fans of the comic books and I know that comic book fans of which I am one can safely say that there is no more loyal collection of people than us. (you should see us trying to get tickets for comic con if we had to queue to get them it would turn into the hunger games.) I would like to know what you guys think about the topic as a comic book community are we to harsh on the films that come out that based on the character we know and love, or are we not being harsh enough do we need to make our point more often that we are dissatisfied with what is put out on the big screen ?

For me Personally I think we need to take the good with the bad i know its easier said than done because there is sometimes going to be those 'batman-nipple' moments, however threw enduring these time we will be rewarded with moments like Avenger, The Dark Knight and Dredd, that as comic book lovers we look forward too the future comic book movies that will become classics and not something we joke about and turn into internet meme (Adam West batman).


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