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The Stan Winston School of Character Arts has just released a never before seen interview with character artist Steve Johnson and footage of the original suit tests for Predator that have to be seen to be believed!

Did you know that Jean Claude Van Damme was almost the iconic Predator?

It's true! Expecting to come to the United States to show off his martial arts skills, JCVD was put into the original Predator suit for costume tests.

You won't believe what the original character design looked like, or what Jean Claude said about the suit!

Thankfully, both the original design and Jean Claude's part in the film were scrapped to make way to Kevin Peter Hall's amazing portrayal and a badass re-worked character design. I don't think I would have been able to look at Predator the same way if it looked like this!

Looks a little like Sammael from Hellboy!
Looks a little like Sammael from Hellboy!

(Source: Stan Winston School YouTube)


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