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Since we don't know much about DC's future plans for movies, we've pretty much been left to guess what's set for the future. DC may take the 'Marvel approach', and have separate movies leading up to an eventual team movie, but the members included may differ depending on what they want. Will it be the founding members? The new 52? Barry or Wally? John or Hal?

Going through each Justice League member, I feel that DC may include, I'll talk about whether they could get their own movie, what it could be like, and their role in the Justice League.

So let's begin.


The Dark Knight himself.
The Dark Knight himself.

Does he need a movie? Most definitely not. Especially since The Dark Knight trilogy ended not too long ago. DC made a very clever decision to have him co-star in a movie with Superman, because we've at least seen some of Batman, without having to sit through another two hours of an origin story. While it is possible that the character will get a solo movie later on in the years, right now, it's probably not DC's priority.

Will he be in the Justice League movie? Absolutely. Nothing else to be said here. Next.


The Man of Steel.
The Man of Steel.

Does he need a movie? Seeing as his last big screen appearance was in 2006, and his last good big screen appearance was in 1980, it made sense for DC to start with a Superman movie. Did he need a movie? Not a whole lot. Going straight into the [Batman vs. Superman](movie:711870) movie would have been okay, but no real complains.

Will he be in the Justice League movie? Obviously, without a doubt, yes. Next.

Wonder Woman

The Amazon Princess herself.
The Amazon Princess herself.

Does she need a movie? Yes. Preferably, before a Justice League movie. Wonder Woman has never had a big screen appearance before (unless you count the Lego Movie), and it's not like we're bored of her, like we are of the last two heroes. Wonder Woman needs at least two movies in this universe, or maybe three, depending on what DC do.

Will she be in the Justice League movie? She better be.

The Flash

The Scarlet Speedster; Barry Allen.
The Scarlet Speedster; Barry Allen.

Does he need a movie? Yes. The Flash is the only one of the members in the first photo who isn't well known by the general public. Everybody knows The Trinity. We've been exposed to Green Lantern because of the movie and animated series. Aquaman still gets poked at, but is still known. The Flash...all we know is that he runs fast and wears red. Besides Wonder Woman, The Flash is the hero who needs a pre-Justice League movie the most.

Barry seems to be the most logical choice, but that doesn't mean that Wally cannot be introduced as well. It really depends on what DC is going for.

Will he be in the Justice League movie? He is considered one of the Core members of the Justice League, and with the TV show, it is safe to say that he will be seen in the Justice League movie.

Green Lantern

The Emerald Knight, Hal Jordan.
The Emerald Knight, Hal Jordan.

Does he need a movie? Before a [Justice League](movie:401267) movie? No. The general public know who he is - he had his disaster movie in 2011, and his own animated series to go a long with it, which still replays episodes in the UK. He also had some exposure due to his role in the Lego Movie, so saying that the general audience won't know who he is, is a lie. If they really want to reboot though, they could pull of what Marvel did with The Incredible Hulk, and montage through the origin story in the beginning, (or tell it through flashbacks like Man of Steel), and move straight onto the story. Perhaps after a Justice League movie.

Either Hal or John would work for this. If John was chosen however, then an actual origin movie would be okay. They can both still be GL, but only one of them will actually be in the Justice League.

Will he be in the Justice League movie? Most likely, yes. This one isn't really up for debate.


The King of Atlantis...owns Green Lantern.
The King of Atlantis...owns Green Lantern.

Does he need a movie? Yes, I think so. Before a Justice League movie? Maybe not. But Aquaman maybe not be in the first Justice League movie, and maybe appear in a later movie. But poor Aquaman has such a bad reputation that including him in a Justice League movie before his own movie would simply lead to jokes and "guess who is the most useless member of the Justice League?". I think that it would be best for him to have his own movie first, and then appear in a next Justice League movie.

Will he be in the Justice League movie? I think that a lot of people would be ticked off if he wasn't. As I said, he doesn't need to be in it straight away, but if he is excluded all together, then that's just wrong. Especially since there are some Aquaman easter eggs in Man of Steel.

Martian Manhunter

Yes, I am including him here.
Yes, I am including him here.

Does he need a movie? In my opinion, as a huge Martian Manhunter fan, yes. Does he deserve one? Yes. Will it happen? No. Who has honestly heard of Martian Manhunter? Besides comic book fans and people who grew up with the Justice League cartoon, no-one really has. If DC want to include J'onn in this universe, then he'll need his own movie.

Will he be in the Justice League movie? Probably not. I wish, but since DC have proven that they don't care much for this character, and replaced him with Cyborg in the new 52, he probably won't get a big screen appearance either.

Green Arrow

The Emerald Archer.
The Emerald Archer.

Does he need a movie? Not with Arrow, he doesn't. He can easily be introduced into the Justice League (with Stephen Amell playing him of course), and if fans want more, then they can watch Arrow. Even Arrow won't be connected to the DCCU, he will still most likely be played by Stephen Amell.

Will he be in the Justice League movie? We don't know. He may not be in the first, but it is possible that he may be introduced in later movies, but it is difficult to say at this point.


And then there's this guy.
And then there's this guy.

Does he need a movie? No, he does not. He really should be on the bottom of DC's list of movies that they need to make. Especially since in Justice League: War, they had no problem with squeezing in a Cyborg origin in a team movie. It can be done on the big screen, and that's it. If people seem to like him, he can get his own movie. But the thing is, of all the members on this list, Cyborg is the least known. At least some people will be able to point out Martian Manhunter, but Cyborg? That would be difficult. Some people, however, may be able to point him out, as he was in both Teen Titans cartoons. As of now, DC shouldn't be worrying about a Cybrog movie anytime soon.

Will he be in the Justice League movie? It's possible. He was in Justice League: War, and since DCCU may be more new 52 based, it wouldn't be a surprise if he was. There was also a STAR labs easter egg in [Man of Steel](movie:15593), which again, teases that Cyborg may appear in later movies.

So what do we know?

Not much, really. The members in the picture - minus [Aquaman](movie:264237) - is who we can expect to see in the first Justice League movie. Not everyone will be included, and even if they are, they won't get their own movie. All we know is that a Man of Steel sequel is coming out, and while we've been teased many characters, a final plan hasn't been announced yet.

Though DC did confirm that some future DC movies will be announced soon (Comic-con 2014?), but until then, let's all just watch Marvel movies and re-watch The Dark Knight trilogy.

So what do you think? Do you agree with my speculations? Do you disagree? Is there anyone on my list who you think could pull off their own movie, or be included in the Justice League movie?


Who should be first to get their own movie?


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