ByNathan Etu, writer at
Nathan Etu

Richard Linklater's new film "Boyhood" is about a young boys journey from age five to age eighteen. From childhood to adulthood. The film has took a total of twelve years to film, starting when the main characters actor (Ellar Coltrane) was 7 and ending when he was 18. That is truly genius filmmaking. Yes, it's costly and very difficult, but in the end if you end up with a truly beautiful and great film then isn't it worth it in the end. I mean being able to watch these characters and people develop over a period of 12 years is alone enough reason to see it and possibly love it. The movie hasn't even been released yet and yet I already feel a strong connection to it. It's about all the emotions, experiences and everything else a boy feels growing from a child into an adult. And the many journeys it takes to get there. I believe this is one of the most ambitious movies in the history of filmmaking. Check it out, i'm sure I will.


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