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Aquaman is one of DC's best super hero's but people constantly see him as as guy that only talks to fish not realizing the huge bad ass aquaman really is but here are 10 reasons why aquaman is a total bad ass and needs a film.

1.HE IS THE KING OF THE SEAS- aquaman rules the ocean which means the water which we need to survive and lets not forget the earth is 71% water.

2.HE DOES MORE THAN TALK TO FISH - aquaman has super strength, he is invulnerable to gun fire, he can get from one state to another in one jump,he can breath underwater,communicate with any kind of sea creatures including the megalodon shark,he has an army plus a bad ass trident that can shot lightning.

3.HIS WIFE IS ALSO A SUPERHERO- Mera can solidify water to attack plus she is hot. no need to add more.

4.HE TRAVELS THROUGH TIME AND SPACE- people think that aquaman is like a fish and is always in the water but they are wrong aquaman since his creation has traveled through time and space from being a god in Greece to participating in interplanetary Olympics in the 853rd century plus a lot of heroes patrol streets looking for carjackers, muggers and drug dealers. [Aquaman](movie:264237) regularly guards Earth from the "Night Gods", ancient monsters and demons that try to invade the planet through hidden doorways.

aquaman new 52
aquaman new 52

5.HE DEALS WITH REAL LOSS-aquaman lost a son to black manta which makes him an appealing character.

6.HE FOUNDED THE JUSTICE LEAGUE- when we think [Justice League](movie:401267) we usually think of the trinity but we forget that aquaman is on of the core members of the league and he was there when darkseid attacked the earth.

7.HE DOESN'T HAVE TIME FOR YOUR CRAP-aquaman can be nice but he is not a nice guy he is arrogant at times cause he is tired of all the things people say about him and how they bully him but also aquaman is very very smart.

8.HE'S FOUGHT GODS MULTIPLE TIMES AND PUNCHED DEATH- don't need to add anything here the title says it all.

9.HE Destroyed THE WORLD WITH ATOM BOMB LITERALLY CAP.ATOM WAS THE BOMB IN FLASHPOINT- aquaman in flashpoint killed Lex Luthor deathstroke and had a big portion of the earth for him as he war it out with wonder woman.

you see aquaman has a big franchise potential he just need our support and complete respect cause he is a hero like superman or batman and if they give him the seriousness and respect that they gave Thor they can pull it of and it would be great to see Atlantis and how aquaman deals with the bullying that people do to him.

10.AQUAMAN HAS AWESOME VILLAINS- what is a hero without a villain and aquaman has two of the best DC villains

OCEAN MASTER- the brother of aquaman DC'S Loki.

BLACK MANTA-an epic dude who want to destroy Atlantis and kill aquaman.

blackmanta new 52
blackmanta new 52


so should we get an aquaman movie?


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