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Didn't this already happen? Wasn't it called Dodgeball? Apparently not. Andrew Disney's new comedy concerns a group of young men on the cusp of adulthood who reform their old rag-tag Intramural football team for one last tournament.

The film stars Jake Lacy (Erin's squeeze is the final season of The Office) and is down for a Tribeca premier in a couple of weeks. A trailer just dropped, check it out below:

The producers seem to be rehashing a lot of sports movie gags in an awfully self concious way (The cranky coach in the wheelchair? The unlikely commentator routine? Really???) but there's enough decent lines, in the trailer at least, to suggest it might prove somewhat distracting. The spooky eye-patch bit is a definite lol.

Anyway, Intramural plays the Tribeca festival on the 19th of April and we may get to see it some time after that.

What's your favorite sports comedy? Let us know below.


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