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The makers of a documentary all about the blogging could probably have predicted what would come next: word of it spread like wildfire around the blogosphere. Unfortunately for Christopher Wiegand, a respected short film-maker, the internet's response to his first feature, American Blogger, has been largely scathing.

Most responses have been highly critical of the film's portrayal of blogging as a world of attractive women sitting in beautiful homes, typing at a laptop in traditional Carrie Bradshaw fashion, as well as it's almost sole focus being on the friends of the director's wife, successful blogger Casey Wiegand.

The trailer's compelling viewing, whichever side of the debate you come down on - although the whole enterprise seems a bit like an oddly blog-focused episode of One Tree Hill.

Check it out below:

What do you guys think? Will American Blogger turn out to be a surprise masterpiece, or will it play out the way everyone seems to expect? Will Peyton and Lucas show up near the end? Let me know below!


How will American Blogger turn out?



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