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The news that Holly Hunter will feature in Batman vs. Superman as a brand new character to the DC universe has barely settled in - and now it seems she may be playing a more recognizable character after all.

Rumors are doing the rounds that Hunter will play Leslie Thompkins, a long-time Bat-ally and replacement mother figure for Bruce Wayne following his parents' death. If true, Hunter's casting would suggest that Zach Snyder, who has previously stated that he ¨made sure to create a role specifically for her¨, has since realized that the role created was essentially the same as an already existing character, and adjusted accordingly.

Thompkins would certainly add depth to Batman's side of proceedings, and possibly a voice of reason - in the comics she's traditionally not only a doctor and Wayne family friend, but also a counterbalance to Batman's darker side - in a narrative likely to be filled with conflict.

What do you guys think? Will Thompkins feature in Batman vs. Superman? Will Hunter be her usual charismatic self? Is all of this a smoke-screen for her secretly playing an aged-up Black Canary or oddly female Aquaman? Let me know below!


Will Holly Hunter be playing Leslie Thompkins in Batman vs. Superman?



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