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Eurgh, I'm sorry to do this to you the day after your birthday Kristen, but the rumor mill never stops churning. If it was actually doing something useful, such as grinding flour, I could have baked about 25,000 loaves of bread with the damned thing by now. Alas, all I get is this lazy story about R-Patz and KStew liking the same music festival. There's no rest for the wicked.

The ever informed gossip hounds at Hollywood Life are claiming that Robert Pattinson might just be flying in to meet Kristen Stewart at Coachella in Indio, California.

Apparently because the pair have visited the festival together twice before history is bound to repeat itself. A sneaky anonymous source snitched that;

Kristen is planning a weekend-long birthday celebration with friends at Coachella. Ellie Goulding and Kate Nash will be performing and Kristen loves, loves loves Coachella. She wants Rob to come as well. It’s going to be so awesome cause so many amazing performers are going to he there and it’s something we all do together every year

How much longer can R-Patz and KStew really be 'linked' in the gossip rags when they haven't been seen together for over 5 months? I think I would actually have some sort of shock related seizure if anything splurged around the internet came true!

Anyone else with me on this one?


When will the Rob and Kristen rumors end?

(Source: Hollywood Life)

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