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Marc Webb's Amazing Spiderman 2 opens in the UK on April 16th- a couple of weeks earlier than the May 2nd U.S. release date- and yesterday morning their critics got the chance to see it. A number of full reviews have already surfaced today and the response seems to be mixed.

So what did they have to say? Well, none of them seem terrible but then none of them are overly ecstatic either. Many compliment Andrew Garfield's affable performance but seem at odds with the film's franchise-fuelling loose ends. Take a look at some choice cuts:

The Telegraph managed to spin some puns into their 2/5 review:

Marc Webb’s Spider-Man sequel is overstuffed with high-voltage villains, but the sparks between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone save the day.

The Playlist was even less complimentary with theirs:

We went into The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hoping that it would take what worked about the first film and run with it. We left thinking that, if it continues on this downwards curve, we’d avoid future Spider-films like the plague.

Digital Spy enjoyed it (3/5) but could still feel the money men at work:

Peter’s past, present and future all intertwine in a sequel that offers bang for your buck. That said you can’t help feel the franchise bean counters at work here thanks to all the ominous foreshadowing and unresolved character arcs. Too many cooks and all that…

Hey U Guys' critic seemed a bit perplexed but got to use the word "Surrealistic" before awarding the sequel a 4/5. Good for them:

Though there are inevitably a few plot inconsistencies and moments where you’re left to scratch your head, seeing as this film is about a man dressed up as a spider, saving people from a scary blue man with electronic powers, you can forgive its fantastical, surrealistic approach. By playing up to such a tone, it makes for a film that’s inherently good fun and a more than worthy trip to the cinema. Ultimately, that’s what truly matters where blockbusters are concerned – making this particular picture something of a success.

As was the running theme, Screen Daily found themselves charmed by Garfield's upbeat performance:

The sheer good-natured charm of the Spider-Man character and the delightful on-screen chemistry of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone combine to make superhero sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 an enjoyable – if rather unwieldy at times – adventure romp.

CineVue sounded quite pleased too (3/5) and seem hungry for more:

The action is never mind-blowingly spectacular but the web-slinging itself has been upgraded with Garfield’s cocky confidence seamlessly filtered into the sequences. Although it fundamentally has many of the same issues as the first film, the strengths are enhanced in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and it’s certainly a step forward for the franchise. Now, let’s give the web-head a villain worthy of his attention.

The best of the lot perhaps (4/5) came from The Guardian's Xan Brooks who felt like an old fan being welcomed back to the franchise:

Even Spider-Man, who I loved as a kid, has now long since moved on. He's taken the Hollywood shilling, embraced three-dimensions and pitched himself squarely at the multiplex crowd. By rights it should be all over between us. Yet The Amazing Spider-Man 2 turns out to be so savvy, punchy and dashing that it won't be denied. It's the thread that won't break and the yarn which still binds.

A mixed bag perhaps but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of outright dismissal, so plenty of reasons for optimism as we move closer to next month's release.

Have these reviews piqued your interest? Would they turn you against? Could you care less? Let us know in the comments below.

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