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Blood Glacier in a new horror movie that sees Climate Change bring about the next step in evolution - and it doesn't look good for human beings.

On a climate observation station high in the German Alps, a team of scientists makes an eerie discovery. One of the mountains seems to be bleeding, and a huge glacier has formed, like a scab, on the hillside.

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To their horror, the scientists then discover that when the 'glacier blood' comes into contact with the local wildlife, it provokes an incredible metabolic change - transforming ordinary creatures into monsters.

Before long, the scientists are fighting for their lives against the blood-spawned creatures.

Check out the poster and trailer for Blood Glacier below:

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So what do you think? Does a mountain bleeding mutant-spawning blood sound like a good movie premise to you? Or a clumsy climate change metaphor made into a monster b-movie? Write in with your thoughts below.


Blood Glacier looks...


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