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What would Jurassic Park be like without CGI? That's the question that Michael T. Mann asked, and has answered himself with a hilarious, movie-redefining video, posted on his YouTube channel.

The video shows us an alternative world - one in which Steven Spielberg opted for a sub-original-Godzilla level of special effects. It's a wonderful place. Mann has also made some gentle 'improvements' to the plot, in particular the ending. It would be cruel to spoil it, but there's a cameo that would have completely changed the mid-90's appreciation of the film.

You can check the video out below - and remember, this remake is from 2014, so stick around for the post-credits bonus scene!

Mann is beginning to make a name for himself in the world of YouTube re-editing - his previous effort back in January re-told Iron Man and Iron Man 2 in less than 8 minutes - with paper cut-outs of the main characters.

What do you guys think? Is Mann's version an improvement on the original? Or do you prefer your dinosaurs to be more terrifying than amusing? Should the upcoming Jurassic World be more like his version? Let me know below!


Which is the better Jurassic Park, the original, or the Mann re-edit?

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