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As of last nights episode we found out that one of our own might join Hydra. The episode takes place during Captain America: The Winter Solider. If you saw the movie you understood. Agent Garrett played by Bill Paxton returns once again as our favorite ass kicking agent. Who towards the end of the episode reveals he's part of Hydra and mentions Agent Sitwell was also part of Hydra which we learn in The Winter Solider. In the episode there were many plot twists, Garrett and the rest of the team believe that Agent Hand is the Clairvoyant. Which ends up to be wrong, because after Garrett reveals he is part of Hydra Coulson thinks Garrett is the true Clairvoyant. At the end of the episode the Hydra/SHIELD agents are arrested along with Garrett. Agent Ward accompanies Hand and fellow agents to kill Garrett. Ward caves and kills Hand and the agents, freeing Garrett. Could we have a traitor among us? Or is Ward a double agent going in deep to learn what Hydra has planned next? That is my theory because, I like Ward and I don't want to see him go bad.

"Nick Fury is dead." Anyone who saw The Winter Solider knows that's bullshit. Sorry everyone else spoilers! Really should have saw the movie before watching last nights episode. Plus Samuel L. Jackson said that was in the finale episode for this season proving that he ins't dead. It's nice that they follow what happens during The Winter Solider, they even say that "Hydra goes all the way to the top." Meaning Redford's character in the film. There is no SHIELD any more, when Hydra was revealed after seventy years hidden in plain sight the SHIELD flag came burning down. Who can Coulson and the rest of the team trust? I'm curious to see how they take this further. We see a new agent emerge in next weeks episode being played by Patton Oswald. Could we see some new characters for next season? One thing had me wondering last night and that was when Hand mentions Dr. Hall. Remember him? The episode "The Asset" is when he first appears. Hand mentions his death, but at the end of "The Asset" we see for a fact that he isn't dead. He is suppose to be Graviton now, no mention of him yet or if we will see him next season. Could we see him return before the finale? Could he be the villain that we see more of in next season?

What do you think, will we see Graviton? Will Ward prove to be good and save the day once again? Any comments you would like to add about last nights episode? Comment below! Leave out insults please.


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