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This season of ABC's Once Upon A Time has proven a shock from its beginning in Neverland, but its biggest surprise may have came from the episode airing on March 30th, Quiet Minds. Henry's father, Gold's son, and Emma's lover Neal (or Baelfire) makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to save the town from the evil, should I say wicked witch, Zelina. In order for Gold to be able to use his magic to stop her, Bae has to pull Gold out of himself, causing his own death.

But in a world filled with magic could it be true that Neal is really gone for good? We have seen Rumpelstiltskin himself brought back by the wicked witch so who's to say he won't bring back his son Baelfire for whom he desperately searched after abandoning him?

In an interview with creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis they hint at the possibility that this is not the last we see of Neal in this season. I have to believe that he will be back due to the fact that Henry still does not have his memories of Storybrooke or his father. I'd like to think that he'll get them back eventually but for now he has all sorts of questions about who his father was and why Emma told him he was such a bad guy.

Neal meant a lot to many of the people of Storybrooke. Of course one being that he is Henry's father. Emma loves Neal and fights to find him even when he’s missing after Zelina’s curse. She fights the lure of Captain Hook knowing that Neal is the one for her. Rumpelstiltskin searched the world over for Baelfire after realizing that abandoning his son for power was the worst mistake of his life. Bae even had ties with Hook when he finds himself in Neverland and eventually on the Jolly Roger. At first Hook was using him as bait to finally find and destroy his enemy, Rumpelstiltskin, but he comes to love him like a son.

Neal/Baelfire will be truly missed in the upcoming episodes but let's hope that Gold or even possibly Regina or Zelina have some tricks up their sleeves to get him back,


Will Neal come back from the dead?


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