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Ok, so here is my first article for I hope you will enjoy it. Please leave me a comment about the article (subject and style) and my english (I'm from Germany, maybe there are some mistakes). Of course, you can also post your opinion on the topic.

I started reading Stephen King when I was twelve. My first book was Salem's Lot. On my first day I nearly read the half book. With Stephen Kings Salem's Lot, reading became a different touch for me. After finishing it, I tried to get every one I can. Every book I started, was better than the one before. Stephen King became something like a god for me. His books forced me to stay awake and read the whole night. Maybe I was hooked on his words.

Salem`s Lot: Boring as hell
Salem`s Lot: Boring as hell

But some day a schoolmate destroyed my illusions. On our way to school he told me that his dad had a tape from Needful Things and we arranged to check it out. The movie was called Needful Things, but actually it wasn't. It was just a movie with the setting and the title, but there was nothing left from the emotions I had while reading the book. I missed the suspense, the characteristic of the actors, which is the basic element in his books and of course the cruelty.

Watching this movie, was like looking outside the window when it`s winter. You can see the snow, but you can`t feel the temperature, or taste it on your tongue. It`s just not the same.

Needful things: Not that needful
Needful things: Not that needful

If you talk to people almost everyone will tell you that it`s nearly impossible to turn his books into really good movies. But I think you just need people with visions to get it done. Even Peter Jackson created a visionary masterpiece with the Lord of the rings and some of the best directors declined and rated it as impossible.

Stanley Kubrick (Shining), Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption) and Rob Reiner (Misery) proofed that there is a way. So hopefully in the near future we will see some versions of titles like Tommyknockers, It, The Stand or Cujo which are worth to celebrate them at the cinema of your choice, or at home!!!

So what do you think? Do we need new Stephen King versions?


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