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When a 66-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger was cast to take the lead in Terminator 5, the internet had a moment of schizophrenia. While the idea made most of us want to whoop and scream with glee, the reality of a crinkled, old-age Terminator was about as palatable as a Madonna sex tape.

But, really, can anybody else rock the role like Arnie can? Sure he is older than your granddad, but he could still bench press you into oblivion and this role was made for him.

Here are my 10 reasons Arnie can still kill it in [Terminator: Genesis](movie:34872).

1. Anything Sly can do, Arnie can do better

Everyone has a place in their hearts for The Expendables, right? It might be absolutely ridiculous, and Stallone does look like a screwed-up piece of well-tenderized gammon, but who cares? It doesn't have the same glory days to live up to as the Terminator franchise does, but it's proof that old dogs can still operate multiple guns. The only fault is Arnie doesn't get enough air time.

2. Arnie keeps to his word

Remember when we are told that the T-800 "will not stop, ever, until you are dead" in the iconic original 1984 Terminator movie? Well, at least Schwarzenegger is being true to those iconic words...

3. He can get by with a little help from Cher's friend...

Ok, so Arnie's face might need a little help, but if the special effects department are too busy with the robotic side of things, he can always take a tip from Cher and get the face tape out. With the amount of CGI that's going to be involved, I'm pretty sure even a bulldog clip to the back of the head would go unnoticed.

4. He is still on a self proclaimed "crusade of fitness"

I'm pretty sure Arnie could annihilate at least 99 percent of our readership at the gym. I defy you to find another person who was born in the 1940s who has biceps like that.

5. He even managed to make Agatha Christie badass

You know the ultra violent [Sabotage](movie:396544) starring none other than Schwarzenegger? The screenplay was adapted from a novel by crime writer Agatha Christie. If anyone can make the work of a pearl-clad, British Granny who died in 1976 a badass, I think they can pull off a franchise they helped to create. Am I right?

6. He has a tank with this name on it

As far as I can tell, Arnie spends his days crushing stuff in a tank with his name on it, and cooking ostrich eggs on it's burning hot metal flanks. Are these the actions of a man who is out of touch with the action genre? I think not. It also proves Arnie has a sense of humor, Schwarzenegger will laugh off all of your 'past it' comments and eat your feeble opinions for breakfast.

7. His idiosyncratic English was practically designed for a robot

Arnold Schwarzenegger's often eccentric English-isms are so associated with robotic killing machines that nobody else's voice can cut it. Apologies to all the other English speaking Austrians out there.

8. The special effects are going to be AWESOME

Terminator 3 was made in 2009 which was decades ago in special effects time, but it still looks surprisingly great. With a reputation to salvage after the much maligned Terminator 4, we can be sure that the special effects behind Terminator 5 will blow us away. Decades of ageing can be erased by a talented team, and besides, it isn't like Arnie has to look like he's 20. There are reams of more grizzled action heroes that we all adore.

9. But, they should avoid going this far...

10. You're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't

The tide of venom directed towards Christian Bale for landing the lead role in Terminator: Salvation and booting Arnie to the sidelines was phenomenal. Schwarzenegger might be getting on a bit, but if you cast anyone else there will be hell to play. Why even continue with the franchise if it doesn't have its iconic star?

Do you agree that old Arnie can dazzle us with new tricks, or is it time he put the Terminator to bed for good? Blast me with your opinions in the comments below!


Should Arnie really 'be back'?

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