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So, with DC setting themselves up for a Justice League film, we have to ask, what heroes will make up the Justice League? Who will be the main villain?

We already have Superman, Batman, [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) and Lex Luthor included and cast so we'll skip over them. But what other members of the JLA are we going to see? Here's my top picks as well as the villain of choice.

Martian Manhunter

One of the integral members of the team, he's basically a blue god. He is, as his name implies, form Mars and his powers include: telekinesis, telepathy, flight, shape-shifting, invisibility, super-strength and x-ray vision, that is, off the top of my head. His origin story has changed a lot over the years, from random alien that happens to be teleported to Earth, to the last surviving member of his Martian race. He isn't a particularly well known character, but the Justice League cartoon showed that he can be done well on screen. He is generally the brains and doctor of the team but isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty, although, he is on paper the most powerful member of the team. I'd like to see him in the JLA because he is normally the much needed voice in most of the teams earpieces and provides a good sort of grounded nature to the team, making them more believable as a unit that efficiently stops worldwide threats on a daily basis.

Green Lantern

Right, we were all hurt by Ryan Reynolds attempt at bringing Hal Jordan to the big screen. And yeah, an easy way out is to simply bring in Jon Stewart. But personally, i would rather have Hal Jordan kept in. No, im not saying i want the movie to be part of this universe's canon, but sort of do what Marvel did with the Hulk. Recast GL and kind of forget that the film ever happened. One of the (many) major problems the film had was that the Lanterns only really have one interesting foe: Sinestro. And he was just floating around on the sidelines. So yeah, i wanna see Hal Jordan done right; he can bring some humour into the team (which we need if Man of Steel was anything to go on) and is of course just kinda awesome, i mean, who wouldn't want a Lantern ring?


just... badass
just... badass

Yes, this guy is in part a response to the racism allegations that are going to come the way of the JLA if Jon Stewart isn't seen. He is however, a really interesting (and cool) character. I really like the new 52 origin for him with his father problems leading to an explosion almost killing him at STAR labs so his father (an employee there) saves him by bonding him to some tech he finds around the lab. He can basically have any loosely grounded kind of tech weapon anyone can imagine. He also does bring a bot of humor with him but is a down to earth guy when it comes to it, giving a new kind of hero we've not seen much before as most of them are one extreme or the other.

The Flash

Flashpoint Paradox anyone?
Flashpoint Paradox anyone?

Of course, it wouldn't be the [Justice League](movie:401267) without the Flash. Do i need to introduce him? Ok, fastest guy in the universe. Done. The big question is should it be Barry Allen or Wally West? I love Barry Allen, he will always be the true Flash for me, but i have to give this one to Wally. Not because he's better, but to avoid confusion with the Arrow spin-off series with Barry as the main character. Also, i grew up watching the Justice League Cartoon and i have to say that Wally West is awesome. And if it is Wally taking up the mantle, he's probably the funniest member of the League and balances the darker nature of Batman.

Special mentions

I would love to see Aquaman, Hawkman, Plastic Man (shut up, he's cool), Green Arrow or The Atom in a Justice League movie, but seen as Warner Bros seem to be going straight into it, i think they could overcrowd the film as they aren't very well known and would need to be introduced with some kind of origin.


Darkseid and Brainiac are the two best villains in the DC universe (in my opinion) but i think they need to be given more time to be developed than in the first installment. So if Lex Luthor is here, i think that Doomsday would provide the perfect muscle to go alongside his brains for taking down the JLA. He was also referenced in the special features of the Man of Steel blu-ray, so that would make sense to include him. He has gargantuan strength and skin that (as he'll tell you) can withstand a nuclear explosion easily. He doesn't have much more to him than that, but that'snot a bad thing because this movie is in grave danger of overcrowding, so a simple muscle bound freak being manipulated by Luthor for the big finale would work.

What do you think? Anyone you think i missed? Let me know below!

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