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Philip Clarke

Celebrated writer and director Drew Goddard looks to have his next big gig on the way. He was one of the fan-favourite writers on Lost, he directed the much-loved The Cabin in the Woods (2012) with his buddy Joss Whedon producing, and he helped salvage World World Z (2013) with a last act re-write.

He was then tasked to pen and produce the upcoming Netflix-based Daredevil series, which based on his past work sounds rather promising. Goddard is making his name in the headlines again as the writer to pen the script for the much-anticipated upcoming Sinister Six spin-off film. Even better than that is that it's now recently been revealed that he'll be wearing two hats on the project by sitting in the director's chair as well.


Do You Think Drew Godard Is The Right Choice To Direct Sinister Six?

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